Understanding & Treatment Options for Tendon Injuries


What is a Tendon Injury?

The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to your heel bones as they help you walk, run, and jump. Ankle Tendon injury occurs when the thick and sturdy bands of fibrous tissue in the Achilles tendon are under constant stress and tear over time. This causes pain, swelling, and possible loss of motion at the tendon. If you are experiencing symptoms of a tendon injury, schedule a consultation online today with one of our premier podiatrists in South Florida to explore proper treatment for your injury.

Symptoms of a Tendon Injury

  • Pain or tenderness at the tendon or a nearby joint
  • Stiffness and restriction of motion of the joint 
  • Swelling and inflammation of the tendon near the joint
  • Inflammation of the fluid cushion surrounding the joints (Bursitis)

How to Treat an Ankle Tendon Injury

If you have injured an Achilles tendon, it's essential to get proper care so you don't have ongoing problems. Some injuries can be treated with rest, medications, orthotics, and physical therapy. If you have torn your tendon, you may benefit from a walking boot or a cast. More options for ankle tendon injury treatment are:

RICE Method

  • Rest: Avoid walking on the injured ankle to prevent further injury.
  • Ice: Apply ice to the injury for 20-30 minutes continuously three to four times daily throughout the day to reduce swelling.
  • Compression: Apply a dressing, bandage or wrap around the injured ankle to prevent mobility and provide support to the ankle.
  • Elevation: Keep the ankle elevated your heart throughout the first 48 hours of the injury to reduce swelling.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen can help ease pain and inflammation. Prescription pain killers may be prescribed to provide proper pain relief in severe cases.

Physical Therapy

A rehabilitation schedule that implements stretches and exercises to catalyze healing and increase mobility. The doctor may recommend that you use crutches or cast-boot for support and to prevent sudden movements that could cause further damage.

Ankle Tendon Injury Surgery

Open surgery is used to treat tendon injuries where nonsurgical treatment has not responded, and there are calcium deposits causing pain.

How to Prevent an Ankle Tendon Injury

Tendon injuries are caused by a tear in the Achilles tendon from constant strain during physical activity so it is crucial to take preventative measures such as:

  • Wearing custom orthotics
  • Warming up before physical activity
  • Stretching before and after exercise
  • Wear appropriate footwear and equipment during exercise

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