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Dr. John F. Torregrosa

- Torregrosa Calcaneal Fracture Repair Technique


- Case Study 1 - Bone Stimulation: Segmented Atypical Intra-Articular Fracture nonunion of the Distal Tibia and Fibula


- Case Study 2 - Bone Stimulation: Minimally Displaces Open Fracture of the Distal Third Fibula


- Case Study 3 - Bone Stimulation: Commuted Fracture of the Distal Palanx of the Hallux


- Case Study 4 - Tibialis Anterior Rupture/Repair and Reinforcement Using DermaSpan™ Acellular Dermal Matrix


- Case Study 5 - Anterior Talofibular Ligament Rupture/Repair and Reinforcement Using DermaSpan™ Acellular Dermal Matrix

Dr. Torregrosa also writes case studies and surgical protocols for the same orthopedic companies for which he lectures. He presents his findings to colleges and students who wish to advance their careers by using cutting edge. state of the art techniques.

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Educating the industry

Dr. Torregrosa, presents and lectures to attendees of surgical workshops across the United State and internationally. He offers innovative lectures that include the most modern thought provoking surgical enhancements in the foot care industry.

Staying abreast to the latest in technological advances gives our podiatrist a step up on the competition. You'll love our efficient and affordable care.

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